To empower and educate low asset youth by providing training, transferable skills and employment opportunities.

Gain Skills

Successful candidates have the opportunity to receive education and training required to gain employable skills in the Aquatics or Children Services Departments.

Earn Certifications

Certifications may include: Standard First Aid, High Five, Water Safety Instructor, and/or NCCP.

Impress Potential Employers

Once completed, this program increases the employable skills candidates can use to apply for jobs in the Aquatics or Children Services Departments.

Application Process

Youth (age 15-18) Application1

Youth (age 15-18) Application

Youth are selected for training based on existing needs and barriers they have to recreate to ensure that the right youth are selected for this training program.

See below for the online application form.
Applications Are Reviewed2

Applications Are Reviewed

We take into account socio-economic background, supports, academic status, connection with the Ministry of Child and Family Development or other social services.
Interview & Social Contract3

Interview & Social Contract

An interview process is completed, and a social contract is created to ensure that each participant is willing to commit & complete all Y.E.T.P. training.
Selected Youth Begin the Program4

Selected Youth Begin the Program

This training will be facilitated by the City of Port Coquitlam & Port Moody through the Parks and Recreation Department & additional partners.

The 2017 YETP provided its participants with the opportunity to receive certifications & training in the following areas:

The youth training program promotes community well-being. Additional benefits include engagement of residents, removal of barriers to education and recreation, development of sustainable services through employment opportunities for youth and their families, which in turn instigates financial health throughout our community.

*Times & dates of the courses listed above are not confirmed at this time.*