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Leader of the Month

Each month, we select a leader from our community and highlight some fun facts about them! Share with your friends on social media and maybe you will be the next one in the spotlight!

Leader for January 2018: Greg Moore

Role in the Community: Mayor of Port Coquitlam

Song you’ve got on repeat: I I love most music, I usually go to Apple Music and go to the Playlist of the Day

What you LOVE about the youth centre (& youth services here in Port Coquitlam): Everyone is welcome

One DREAM for 2020: Skytrain to PoCo

What gives you HOPE?: Speaking with young citizens and hearing their concerns, solutions and dreams for our community.

Fun facts: I am the only Mayor of Port Coquitlam to graduate high school from PoCo, further, I am the only mayor in PoCo history to work as a Youth Worker!

YOU can become the next PoCo Youth Leader of the Month! Have a happy and healthy start to your year!

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