For Emergencies

If you or someone you know needs IMMEDIATE help, please call '911'

Resources to help you...

Youth Resources
Need Help? Text or call '211' I Am Someone Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) PLEA Community Services
Health and Wellness
MCFD Addiction Services Children of The Street Society ACT 2 Counseling Services National Eating Disorder Information Centre

Justice & Homelessness
Tri-Cities Women's Resources
Children of The Street Society
Greater Vancouver Shelters

Need Help?
Crisis Line: (604) 951-8855
Kid's Help Phone: 1 (800) 668 - 6868
Youth Help Line: (604) 310-1234
Bullying Resources: 211
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Depression & Anxiety:
Let's Erase the Stigma
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Here to Help - Depression & Anxiety
Anxiety BC - Helping you anxious child

Abuse & Bullying:
Youth in BC - Abuse & Assault
Just for Teens - Domestic Violence Help

Sexual Orientation:
Youth in BC - LGBT
Eating Disorders:
Youth in BC - Disordered Eating
Here to Help - Body Image Addiction & Mental Health Issues