What is the Youth Volunteer Leadership Training Program?


YVLT is a program run by Port Coquitlam's Youth Services Department designed to teach youth valuable skills in leadership. Over the course of this program, participants will explore what leadership means, set goals for personal development and learn about leadership opportunities within the city's Recreation department and the community. Participants will be introduced a variety of leaders within the City (including heads of many of our recreation areas, community police, the mayor and members of City Council) and will explore the role that volunteering can play in personal and professional development.

Through developmental activities, personal reflection, games, and group activities, participants will have an opportunity to volunteer with our children’s camps and special events to gain hours for school during and following the program.

Leadership Skills

Communication Skills

Goal Setting

Conflict Resolution

Hands On Experience

Volunteer Hours

Safety Training

Q&A with the Mayor

How to Get Involved

Reference Letters

What leadership traits matter the most?

These are the four most frequently mentioned traits.
Respondents were from four continents: North America, Asia, Europe and Australia.
The majority, however, are from the United States.

said Honesty


said Forward Looking


said Inspiring


said Competent